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Welcome to Onevox Creative Solutions' world. We are a Communication, Marketing and Press company, based in Orlando-FL with representative offices in Brazil and Canada.



Everything started when our CEO, Mr. Rodrigo Lins – Masters in Communication, Postgraduate in Advertising and Audiovisual Creation and Graduate in Journalism – started to work here in the U.S. under the ‘Einstein Visa’. Originally from Brazil, Mr. Rodrigo Lins, acting as a correspondent for a TV channel, received a lot of attention during the covering of the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

After that, many American companies started to contact him to see how they could create an efficient advertising plan in the huge Brazilian market. To help those entrepreneurs we began as a consulting company. In 2017, our clients asked us to help them increase their earnings and to have more exposure in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. So, we took on the challenge and decided to enter the global advertising strategy market. Today, we are one of the biggest communication, marketing and press companies in Brazil and have several successful advertising cases here in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.



We are growing so fast! Since we opened our local office in Orlando in 2016, we have helped more than 200 companies with many customized creative solutions. Companies from U.S., Brazil, Canada and Europe are counting on us to promote their brands around the world in the global advertising market.

Many companies recognized our quality and services in the U.S. We have many excellent reviews from the companies we are proud to have as our clients. See some of our clients:
  • Three years in the market, this company hired us to help them with all the graphic and logo creation, website and social media management.
    Technology Company based in Atlanta-GA
  • Five years in the market, this company hired us to help them optimize their social media budget for ads.
    Real Estate Company in Orlando-FL
  • Eight years in the market, this company hired us to help them to manage their social media and also for the PR service. We helped them achieve a 150 thousand follower status within ten months with our qualified social media content plan.
    Property Property Management & Vacation Homes Company in Orlando-FL
  • Seventeen years in market, this company hired us to help them to update their website and online marketing profile. We also helped them to get visibility in several news publications in Brazil.
    Financial & Bookkeepping Consulting based in Denver-CO
  • Twenty years in the business market, this company hired us to help them with different strategies to advertise their services to the Brazilian community. We also help them with social media strategies.
    Immigration Law Firm based in Miami-FL